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Individual Lashes

Lash extensions are a synthetic blend of fibers created to replicate the look and feel of a natural lash. We carry individual mink lash extensions in one gram packets along with real Siberian mink lashes. Eye Candy offers a variety of lengths, thicknesses, and curl types to accommodate every client’s desired look. All of Eye Candy’s lash extensions are extremely light weight and non-damaging to the natural lash, when applied correctly.

Curl Options

Curl Options
B-Curl – Eyelash extension with a slight curl starting at the end of the extension
C-Curl – Eyelash extension with the curl starting at the mid to mid-end of the extension (most popular)
CC-Curl – Eyelash extension with curl starting at the middle of the extension

Lash Thickness Options

Lash Thickness
0.15mm – The thickness of this lash extension appears similar in thickness to an average natural eyelash
0.20mm – The thickness of this lash extension is approximately double the width of a natural eyelash

Lash Adhesives


Infiniti–Top Seller [LA0001]

– Eye Candy’s longest-lasting adhesive
– Fast drying time with a slight odorless fume
– Used by the expert lash extension technicians


Expert [LA0003]

– Fast drying, long lasting, with a medium-high amount of odorless fume
– Used by the mid-level to expert lash extension technician

clear adhesive

Clear Adhesive [LA0002]

– Clear in color
– Fast drying, long lasting, with a medium-high amount of odorless fume
– Used for the application of colored lash extensions


Safety [LA0004]

– For the most sensitive and reactive clients
– Fumeless, slower drying, and non-irritating

gel remover

Gel Remover [LA0006]

– Applies easily to break down lash adhesive and remove lash extensions

lash primer

Lash Primer [LA0007]

– Removes excess protein and oil from natural lashes
– Applied to lashes prior to the application of lash extensions
– Increases the strength of the bond between the lash extension and natural lash

Lash Care


Lash Protectant – Clear [LC0002]

This clear coating patent formula is designed to keep lashes in place and also protect extensions from water, sweat and the body’s natural oils. This is a perfect tool to freeze unruly lashes when the extensions begin to grow out. Clients can use this product daily to extend the life of their lash extensions in between touch ups. The Lash Protectant needs to be removed nightly with the Eye Candy Makeup Remover.


Eye Candy HD Mascara- Black [LC0006]

This black glamorous mascara will lift and freeze lash extensions in place. HD mascara is lash extension safe and beeswax free.

oil free

Oil-Free Eye Make-up Remover [LC0001]

This product is an oil-free cleansing liquid specially formulated for gentle removal of mascara and eye make-up from the delicate eye area. Saturate cotton swabs with cleanser to remove mascara. Remove additional make-up and cleanse around the eye area with cotton rounds or swabs. Use as needed.

mascara wands

Mascara Wands (10Pk) [LC0004]

Mascara wands are a necessity for clients wearing eyelash extensions. Just like your hair, the extensions get tangled and need to be brushed out.

Application Products

collagen eye gel patches

Collagen Anti-Wrinkle Eye Gel Patches [LTA0006]

This product is specifically designed for the treatment of reducing the fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area without irritation. The eye gel pads are lint-free for ease of use when applying lash extensions and are used to cover the lower lashes during the lash application procedure.

magic lash pad

Magic Lash Pads[LTA0005]

Use these pads to place your lash extension onto. Lashes will sit up-right on the pad to make your application faster.

lash adhesive tile

Lash Adhesive Tile [LTA0003]

This adhesive tile stays cool, keeping the adhesive from drying out during the lash application.

lash fan

Lash Fan[LTA0008]

This fan is safe for close drying of the adhesive.

lash application tape

Lash Application Tape

– Clear [LTA0010-LTA0012] – White [LTA0013-LTA0015] 

mascara wands

Mascara Wands (25Pk) [LTA0004]

Mascara wands are a necessity in the treatment room. Use the mascara wands to brush out lashes during the lash application process.

lash pot

Lash Pot [LTA0007]

Use these lash containers to store loose individual lash extensions.

lash seperation tweezers

Lash Extension Separation Tweezers [LTA0002]
lash application tweezers

Lash Extension Application Tweezers [LTA0001]
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