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Lash Certification Program

Upcoming Lash Certification Classes:

For questions or to register for an upcoming classes, please contact Athena via phone 425-587-1133 or email directly.

About Our Lash Certification Program

Eye Candy offers two certification programs. The lash technician certification course is available to licensed estheticians and cosmetologists. Students currently enrolled in either a cosmetology or esthetic program are eligible to enroll as well.

During the lash technician certification class we will educate you on:

  • How to conduct a lash extension consultation appointment
  • Lash extension contraindications and consent form
  • The differences between the lash curl types, lengths and thickness options
  • Adhesive options and the difference in adhesive strengths
  • Lash application techniques with additional Eye Candy tips
  • Extensive hands-on lash extension application
  • Lash application tools and lash home care product education
  • Lash service protocol, room set up and sanitation
  • At home care instructions for your client

A “home care” instruction form and “Q & A” fact sheet are also included to send home with your clients to ensure their confidence. Your Lash kit training will include an Eye Candy training manual, the tools you need for application and enough lashes to service approximately 200 clients. Eye Candy is a high end, reputable and trusted company. Our products are of high quality and so is your time. If you follow our price point guidelines for your Lash Extension services you will profit over $12k on your lash kit alone! The Lash kit will pay for its self after only 2 Full set Lash applications!

In addition to what is included in your kit, Eye Candy offers you a variety of additional lash extension lengths and lash thickness options. We carry a variety of Lash Curl options so you can customize how much curve and lift your client desires. Eye Candy Lash application products are also available to replenish your kit as needed by ordering online or at the Eye Candy Lash Boutique.

Lash Product Packages

Lash Products

Eye Candy Starter Lash Kit: $375

$30 dollars of FREE lash products!

  • 1 Medium sized Lash Kit
  • 1 Infiniti adhesive
  • 1 Colored lash tray C.20, 11mm
  • 6 Lash rounds:
    • C curl.15 = 8, 10, 12
    • C curl.20 = 9, 11, 13
  • 1 Adhesive tile
  • 2 Rolls of white paper tape
  • 2 Rolls of clear paper tape
  • 4 Packages of under eye gel pads (5 pairs per package)
  • 1 Oil free Eye make-up remover
  • 1 Gel remover
  • 1 Lash primer
  • 1 Lash fan
  • 1 Pair of Lash tweezers
  • 1 (25) package of Mascara wands
  • 1 Lash protectant
  • 1 (20) pack of aftercare Instruction cards

Eye Candy Lash Back-Bar: $900

$50 dollars of FREE lash products!

  • 1 Large Lash Kit
  • 1 Infiniti adhesive
  • 1 Safety adhesive
  • 1 Expert adhesive
  • 1 Adhesive tile
  • 5 Rolls of white paper tape
  • 5 Rolls of clear tape
  • 6 Under eye gel pad packs containing 5 pairs ea.
  • 1 Lash protectant
  • 1 HD mascara
  • 1 Oil free Eye make-up remover
  • 1 Gel remover
  • 1 Lash primer
  • 1 Lash fan
  • 1 Set of 3 lash tweezers (application, separation and curved)
  • 1 (25) pack of mascara wands
  • 1 (20) pack of aftercare instructions
  • 7 C.20 8-14mm lash rounds
  • 7 CC.20 8-14mm lash rounds
  • 7 C .15 Lash trays 8-14mm
  • 7 CC.15 Lash trays 8-14mm
  • 2 Colored Lash trays C.20: 11-12mm
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