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About Us

Eye Candy is a lash boutique, lash training center, and product Distribution Company created by two women with a combined 16 years of experience in business, logistics, and spa industry. Eye Candy was the first Lash boutique to specialize solely in eyelash extensions in Washington State. Our lash product line offers superior quality at an exceptional value. Eye Candy is an innovative company constantly researching and developing products to achieve the best resources for all things eyelash extensions.

Consulting & Customer Service

The team at Eye Candy has been extensively trained in all products offered. Account representatives are always available to answer any product questions including descriptions, directions for use, as well as assist with any product orders. They are available via phone, email or in person six days a week.


Jaymie is an esthetician licensed through the Euro Institute. She was born and raised in Seattle. At the age of 19 she joined the United States Air Force and began a journey that changed her life forever. After 9 years of travel and education, Jaymie decided to wind herself down and re-claim her feminine roots.

After graduating from the Euro Institute and obtaining her license, she was looking for something more challenging than skin care alone. She then took a course on eye lash extensions through Lavish Lash. She instantly loved it! She had a hard time finding a position where she could concentrate on eyelashes.

Athena and Jaymie at that point decided they wanted to open a business together. She put her esthetic license in her back pocket and started working in the aerospace logistics industry, then Children’s Hospital in Seattle. All the while, cooking up a rock star business plan that even Donald Trump himself would want to invest in….then come in for some lash extensions afterward!

Jaymie loves the challenge of putting extensions on all different shapes of eyes and different lengths and textures of eyelashes. Any given day you may find Jaymie planning her next tattoo, playing with her “children” Miniature-Pinschers, ‘Hans’ and ‘Greta’, or cooking up a delicious dinner and enjoying it with her boyfriend Colin and a glass of wine.



Athena graduated from The European Institute of Aesthetics in 2001. Before and during her studies at the Euro Institute, Athena operated as department head of a Jr and Young men’s clothing department. Marketing, floor schematics and product orders were a few of her responsibilities. After graduation she immediately was brought on to open and establish a treatment Spa. Once the Spa was established Athena left to Manage Christian Dior at Nordstrom where she furthered her education with color and skincare. Later Athena was recruited by the “SPA” at Pro Sports Club to help open and set up their newly added spa. Athena specialized in medical skincare including medical grade chemical peels, laser treatments, micro-dermabrasion, Micro-Current and more. In addition to skincare, Athena was one of the first in Washington state to become Lash extension certified in 2007 and bring the famous Eyelash Extensions service into the Spa at Pro Sports Club. After 5 years she left to open her own specialty Lash business in Kirkland called “Lashes by Athena.” Athena performed multiple Lash services as well as created a Lash Certification training program where she taught and certified others to perform the application of Lash Extensions safely and correctly. Three years later her clientele was at full capacity so she and long time friend and fellow Esthetician Jaymie Weber, partnered in 2010 to create Eye Candy Lash Extensions Boutique! After years of research and trial studies Athena and Jaymie created their own superior Lash extensions professional product line which is distributed throughout the USA. The original Lash Certification program created by Athena has grown tremendously and expanded into a training course that we now teach on site at salon and spa’s as well as at highly recognized Esthetic and Cosmetology establishments nationally.

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