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Lipsticks that make your teeth look more white!


At no time in the history of the world has anyone uttered the phrase, “I wish my teeth were more yellow.” And, while, yes, every so often one may get veneers in an unnaturally bright shade, for the most part, we could all stand to brighten our smiles.

But, when we’re talking about teeth, we’re also talking about what the eye perceives, which can vary depending on your lipstick hue. Drawing on basic color-wheel principles, lip colors with yellow undertones will bring out any yellow hues in your teeth, making them appear less white than they actually are — similar to when you wear a green sweater to make your green eyes pop. Any yellow- or orange-based pinks, corals, and reds are primary offenders, along with frosty pale pinks.

On the flip side, lipstick hues that have cooler blue undertones will contrast with the yellow in your teeth and bring out the white, making your teeth appear brighter. Blue-based reds are great, along with hot pinks, and any violet colors, like dark plums.

The brightness of your teeth can also vary depending on your lippy’s texture. Since color perception largely depends on how light reflects off of an object, a glossy lip helps reflects light, making your smile seem brighter. So, for a double whammy, we suggest trying a plum-colored gloss, which will help your smile look whiter and brighter.

The best way to whiten your teeth is to, of course, have it done in a dental office. But, it’s expensive, and not for everyone. For a quick and much more cost effective whitening effect go with bright pinks, plums, and bright reds, the glossier, the better!

-Laura Ruof

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